Scout Cards

Boys & Girls
Grades K-5 (5-10 Years Old)

Camp Card sales is an easy, Old North State Council-approved fundraiser to help Scouts earn their way to a summer camp, high adventure activity, or any other BSA program or activity. Units can use their commissions from the sale of Camp Cards to support any Scouting-related function, activity, or program/supply need they deem necessary.

Participating units earn 50% commission ($2.50) for each
$5.00 Camp Card sold.

New for 2022!

Sell 100% of your cards that you check out each time; your commission will increase to 60%! Your scouts will then earn $3.00 per card sold!
Based on number of registered scouts at recharter date
Minimum unit size to participate:
10 and below = 100 cards sold
11- 20 = 200 cards sold
21- 30 = 300 cards sold
30+ = 400 cards sold

• Units should review their sale history before checking out cards for the 2022 sale.
• Units can return up to 25% of the total cards checked out to settle their unit balance.
• Example: Unit X checks out 100 cards. It may return up to 25 cards and is responsible for the other 75
• This return policy allows each unit the opportunity to check out a more accurate number of cards and allows cards to be distributed to a greater number of units at the beginning of the sale.

If your unit finishes your sale early, please settle with the Council office and turn in leftover cards up to 25% so we can redistribute the cards out to other units in need.
Communication (via email) will be sent if leftover or returned camp cards are still available for sale.
Units may check out Camp Cards from their own district and other districts.

Scouts have an opportunity to earn a gift card based on how many cards they sell. They have a choice of Target, Walmart, Amazon, or the Scout Shop. For every 50 cards sold, they will receive a $25 gift card to the desired location. Please note: Each Scout chooses ONE location/gift card for each 50 cards sold.

• Each Scout that sells at least 25 cards will be entered into a prize drawing. The grand prize will be a big screen television, Beats by Dre headphones, Apple Air Pods Pro, or Nintendo Switch! The Scout will get their pick! (One entry per scout)

• Each unit that sells 500+ cards will receive one $100 gift card to the Old North State Council Scout Shop.

If you have any question(s) about the 2022 Camp Card sale, please contact Jonathan Clapp at or 336-420-0208

Check out cards here

More Information & Resources

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